Welcome to Windsor Terrace Food Coop!

We are a member-owned and operated food coop with 460+ members. Become a member today and help us develop this wonderful community resource.


    • WTFC is operated by the member owners. Members are required to work 2 hour shift six weeks.
    • Get involved! All members can work on diverse committees to help grow WTFC.
    • Membership fee is $100 for a single shopper or $175 for a family. You must be a member to shop at the Coop.

Contribution Drive

To help sustain our Coop the members at the meeting on December 6 decided to ask members to make voluntary contributions

Click here to make the contribution of your choice.

Windsor Terrace Food Coop Featured on French TV

Both the Park Slope and Windsor Terrace Food Coops are featured in a 16-minute segment about “supermarkets that defy retail” on the French television program Tout Compte Fait (France 2), which aired on French TV on April 21. (Tout Compte Fait is translated as “All Things Considered.”). Take a look: