History and Vision

The Windsor Terrace Food Cooperative

 History:  Since the closing of Key Food in 2012  an ever growing group of Windsor Terrace and surrounding neighborhood residents have been meeting in an exceptional effort to create a community-owned, member operated, cooperative food store that will provide high-quality food at affordable prices for the coop members.

Vision: To operate a Community based, participatory food cooperative that provides its members with the opportunity to purchase reasonably priced, high quality food.

Present Status: The  Following steps from the Vision Statement have been accomplished

Windsor Terrace Food Coop Infrastructure

  1. Email List developed – 750 persons
  2. By Laws Developed
  3. Web Site launched
  4. Board of Directors elected
  5. Federal EIN Number acquired
  6. Bank Account Established
  7. Web Site Credit Card Capability established
  8. Community Cultivation Event Undertaken

 Co-Sponsored by local merchants: The Brooklyn Commune, Juicebox and Varick Street Litho.  An additional 125 people were added to the Coop Email List.

  1. Membership Campaign Initiated

The Campaign, although continuous, enlisted 255 persons, each paid a $100 Annual Membership Fee in 10 days from November 16 through December 1, 2014. People continue to enroll on a daily basis

  1. Incorporate –

New York State Department of State incorporated the Windsor Terrace Food Cooperative under Article 11 of the New York State Food Cooperative Law.

  1. Lease signed for store space – 825 Caton Ave.